About Us

WoodCraftsDirect.com is a family owned and operated wood shop located in a small town in Northwest Arkansas. Starting off with a small saw, we have invested our profits back into the company and have added machinery and employees over the years. We now have about 7 employees and almost half of them are family. The rest are like family to us and we wouldn’t be able to operate without them.

In an effort to bring you lower prices, we have worked hard to find the highest quality material for the price. We also have worked hard to remove high overhead costs by optimizing our material, our processes and even our waste. This in turns allow us to save money, which saves you money. We offer the best prices online and offline for wood craft products.

Our scrap wood waste is recycled by an elderly couple who uses it to produce stuff to sell at local craft shows.  We are also looking into composting our sawdust with the grass from mowing our shop yard. This will provide free compost for employees that want to use it. The paper is shredded and used as mulch in our personal garden.

A local contractor has commented to us that they like the fact that we haven’t backed down from a project yet. Their latest project was a sign that was too large for our machine, but with a little ingenuity, we got it done.